The vision and a goal for this pillar is seeing three things come to life:

The VR Pillar will be our ground to explore and venture into building strong digital platforms that will take all our communications online such online bookings, transactions and even to creating a widget for our online radio shows.

VR, giving you access to a physical and digital space that will have your virtual dreams become a reality!

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Pillar birthed because we discovered that there is an influx of creatives and talent but there is a lack in access to resources and platforms for upskilling, advancing, connecting and creating communities of like minded people.

We aim to create and setup a studio where we will give creators access to an exclusive space to produce their unique sounds.

RLabs Beauty

We aim to create a beauty lounge for women who want to feel gorgeous! Due to Covid our plans to have a physical space has been on lockdown but we haven’t stopped dreaming to have RLabs Beauty not just as a brand that sells products or services, but one that will leave you looking but feeling gorgeous.

RLabs Beauty Misson

Our RLabs Women mission is to Unleash the unrealized greatness in women so that they can fearlessly dominate the entrepreneurial and technological domains. Now they get to feel gorgeous while dominating!