Virtual Incubation Program

Virtual Incubation Program

During the month of September 2020 our August Date Night pitching winners went through 5 weeks of one-on-one training with our Virtual Incubation Program. Our Virtual Incubation Program (VIP) is a five week incubation programme designed for women by women. It covers five different modules through one-on-one coaching.

The purpose is to guide women entrepreneurs through different areas of their businesses and encourage them to talk through what they would like to accomplish. Each week they were required to complete various tasks in their own time using templates, presentations, videos, etc.

We kicked off the program on the 4th September with 3 participants: Ashlynn Erasmus, Melissa Petersen, Jodi Johnson.

This is an outline of what the program entailed:

1. Hack My Business

2. Business Modeling

3. Blueprint

4. Brand Kit and Social Media

5. Investment Readiness

6. * catch up and supplementary sessions added as needed

Following the 5-week program, the facilitators and participants met up once more for a virtual celebration evening. We were able to congratulate our participants on successfully completing the program, sticking with it, and achieving something so incredible during a global pandemic. They received their certificates of completion and R5000 each to invest in their business. This was the deal when they won the pitching competition: complete the program and then the cash will be transferred.

You can watch our celebration evening and graduation ceremony on our YouTube channel below.

If you would love to be a part of the next Virtual Incubation Program, RSVP to Date Night by sending us a WhatsApp message at 065 129 7747. Send us your 30-60 seconds pitch video talking about your business and you just might be in the running for our next VIP Cohort.

Ashlynn Erasmus

Ashcessories & Design

Jodi Johnson

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Melissa Petersen

Ginger House

Virtual Event Screenshot

VIP Celebration